See you at STC Summit 2012

It’s just a few days away now! STC Summit ’12 is the annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication in the United States. I’m looking forward to greeting old friends and meeting a number of people that I’ve chatted to on Twitter, blogs, and other online places. There’ll be plenty of excellent presentations and good events too.

My own presentation is bright and early on Monday, the first full day of the conference. It’s called Building a Developer Documentation Wiki. Here’s the link for people using the STC social platform, Zerista: Event details: Building a Developer Documentation Wiki.

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  1. I very much look forward to seeing you again. I might not make it to your session due to scheduling conflicts, but I’ll be looking out for you, maybe we can meet over a drink or so?

    • Hallo Kai
      It’s going to be great to see you again! I was so pleased to see your profile pop up on the STC networking platform. There are so many sessions happening at the same time, so I’m not surprised you may not make it to mine. I wish I could be in more than one place at the same time, because I’ll be missing so much good stuff too. I’d love to meet up for a drink or lunch. See you soon. 🙂
      Cheers, Sarah

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