Financial impacts of good or bad communication

I’ve been examining several articles about the financial impact of good or bad communication. Mistakes in documentation cost money, and there’s some good evidence of that point. In addition to the cases that involve documentation, I’m also interested in communication in a wider sense.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Thank you to Kit Brown-Hoekstra of Comgenesis for the following cases of communication mishaps that have cost money:

Looking for more

Do you know of any other recent research into the financial impacts of good or bad communication? I’m interested particularly in metrics around how good communication can save an organization money, and of times when communication that’s gone wrong has cost money.

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  1. Within a few minutes of reading your blog post, I read this article in the Guardian, about how a (potentially) missing apostrophe in a Facebook post got the person who wrote it into hot water for defamation.

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