Soon to be a Google technical writer

I have a bit of news to share:  I’m joining Google and saying farewell to Atlassian.

So long Atlassian, and thanks!

Friday 5 July was my last day at Atlassian. It was awesome being part of the Atlassian phenomenon for six years. A huge thank you to all Atlassians, and everyone in the wider Atlassian community: customers, add-on developers, experts, technical communicators and doc sprinters around the world! You’ve given me such great opportunities, and made me push myself into trying things that challenged me personally. (If someone had said six years ago that they’d spotted me doing any form of public speaking, my somewhat hysterical reply would have been, “Ha ha ha, nope, that’s some other Sarah.”)

Hallo Google

It’s time to go adventuring again. In a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be a technical writer in the Developer Relations team at Google Sydney. This is tremendously exciting, and just a bit scary. That’s the best way to feel when starting something new.

Stepping into the sky

Stepping into the sky

I took this photo on a recent walk in the bush after a heavy rain storm. It’s a puddle reflecting the trees and sky.

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Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Best of luck, Sarah! That truly is exciting news. You’ve got it just about right: four or five parts exciting to one part scary. And then, very soon, completely exhilarating.

    By the way, I love the photo and the caption you chose for it.

    • Hallo Larry

      Thanks so much for sending me luck and congrats!

      And I’m glad you like the puddle. It was a gorgeous walk, with patches of sky all along the path. Anyone watching would have thought me a bit odd, though, as I poised carefully at various spots with my foot half in the water, angling to get the best shot. The hardest was to avoid getting my head and the camera in the reflection!


  2. Hi, Sarah. I’ve been reading your Confluence’s and blog posts for a while. I really admire your job and I use your documentation tips all the time here at work. We call you Sarah Fucking Awesome Maddox. Today we got super glad that you’re joining google team. We hope you keep posting, so we can learn more from your experience.
    Best sucess! And cheers from Brazil! ❤

    • Hallo Nathalia
      Wow, thanks, that’s very humbling to hear. And thanks for your congrats. 🙂 How lovely to hear from someone in Brazil. I hope the weather is a bit warmer there than in Sydney at the moment!

  3. Congratulations! I’m sure you will be an asset to Google and missed by Atlassian.

  4. Congratulations Sarah!

    I trust that you will still keep on blogging? Your blog was one of the first technical communication blogs I subscribed to, years ago. Do you have any idea yet how your blog post subjects are going to change?

  5. Congratulations Sarah!
    These are definitely good news for google! I am looking forward to the new perspectives you will get from the new environment and colleagues – and you hopefully will be sharing with us in the future 😉 Now i am used to it, i defnitely can not imagine living without your blog posts from down under (or abroad).

    Cheers from sunny germany!

  6. Congratulations Sarah! I hope you enjoy the new job as much as working at Atlassian. I have been appreciating your work even more lately as I have been working in Confluence a lot more and reading loads more of the documentation 🙂

  7. “This is tremendously exciting, and just a bit scary.” I love that bit — it’s the best way to be with a new job and any new life stage.

    I also love Nathalla’s name for you 😉

    Many congratulations on the new job. You will be missed at Atlassian. Hope to still see you at the conferences (and speaking), and still posting here.


  8. Congrats Sarah. Will miss interacting with you wrt Atlassian tips/tricks, but what the heck, I can now mail you questions and opinions on Google docs/products! Nice move 🙂

  9. Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments and congratulations. I feel very lucky indeed, to have such great friends and such great opportunities. Over the last few years, this blog has shown me how generous everyone is, in sharing ideas and responding to information. It’s definitely my plan to keep writing on ffeathers. At this stage I don’t know exactly what I’ll be writing and how Google feels about employees blogging. It’s all part of the next adventure. And I’m very very keen to keep meeting up with everyone at conferences and talks. It’s awesome swapping experiences. 🙂

  10. Congratulations! Very exciting new phase for you.

  11. Matthew Morgal

    Wow, congratulations! I hear Google is a great place to work.

  12. Pamela Clark

    Great news for you! I will miss your insights into Confluence, which we use for all kinds of docs, especially externally facing for customers and partners. I do hope you will continue to blog!

    • Hallo Pamela
      Thanks so much! Confluence is a great tool, and I’m so glad my tips have been useful. I do plan to keep blogging, and to keep sharing tips that are useful for technical communicators. I’m just not sure what they’ll be yet. 🙂 And of course I’ll keep following the tech comm thought leaders and trend setters too.

  13. Hi Sarah, I’m shocked! You’re an excellent tech writer and your work really impressed me. In two weeks I’ll have my first DocSprint at a customer and I’m looking forward to it. Good luck and all the best for the future. Hopefully you won’t stop contributing your experiences to us.

  14. Wow, congratulations. I do hope to keep reading your musings and ponderings, as time and policy permit!

  15. Congrats! I enjoy reading your blog, and I’m sure you’ll have new insights from your work at Google to share!

  16. Congratulations, Sarah! Have a great time at Google and continue blogging 🙂

  17. Congrats Sarah! They are so lucky to have you!

  18. Congrats and welcome to the alumni club. 🙂 Say hi to Zhi Qiao and Jani Patokallio at Google Sydney!

    • Hallo Tim!
      Thanks! And it’s a great idea to have an alumni club. I love seeing what everyone else is up to. 🙂 I’ll say hallo to Zhi Qiao and Jani, and also to Chris Broadfoot in Sydney, and James Wong in Mountain View. It’s nice to know people before I even start work.
      Cheers, Sarah

  19. Congrats Sarah. Good luck in your new adventure.

  20. Good for you, Sarah. I’ll never forget encountering your work for the first time at a biometrics company in Cape Town. Then years later we chatted about Agile Technical Writing. And for the past year I’ve been very busy on Confluence. I always seem to be following in your footsteps 🙂

    • Hallo Rupert
      Ha ha, small world. From Face Tech to Google via Confluence. Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths again. Thanks for a lovely comment and chuckle.
      Cheers, Sarah

  21. Sarah, congratulations on your new career adventure. It’ll be new to think of you without associating Confluence. I hope to see your same enthusiasm continue online at Google.

    • Hallo Tom

      Yes, Google has its own doc platform. I’m looking forward to learning all about it! Thanks for your congrats! I’ll see you on Google Maps. 😉

  22. Oh wow! This is great news for you–congrats!. I guess this *would* explain why the email I just sent to your Atlassian address bounced back. I’ll throw my question at another contributor. Good luck in your future endeavors!

    • Hallo Rase

      Thanks very much for your good wishes! I hope someone else can help you with your question. I started at Google this week, after a two-week break. Google is fast and fun!


  23. Congratulations! It will be weird not seeing your face all over everything Confluence 🙂 I’ll miss your insights, tips and help. Out of curiosity…what system does Google use for documentation?

    • Hallo Eliane

      Thanks! We use a set of inhouse tools, and publish the docs as HTML. We write them in either HTML or Markdown, depending on our choice or what the previous author used.


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