API tech writing workshop in Sydney – you’re invited

On Monday 27th July we’re running a full-day workshop in Sydney, on API technical writing. It’s free, and you’re invited. There’s free food too!

The workshop is happening in collaboration with the Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC), also known as the TWIA. Anyone interested in learning about this role is welcome to attend – you don’t need to be a member of the ASTC/TWIA.

Quick signup link: Register to attend the workshop on Eventbrite.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Developers use APIs to make apps that communicate with other apps and software/hardware components. API technical writers create documentation and other content that helps developers hook their apps up to someone else’s API.

For a tech writer, it’s an exciting, challenging and rewarding field. I love it!

Workshop details

Date: Monday 27th July 2015
Time: 9am to 4pm – breakfast and setup are at 9am, for a start at 9:30 sharp
Instructor: Sarah Maddox  – that’s me 😉
Cost: None. The workshop is given free of charge.
Location: The workshop is held in the Google offices in Sydney: 1 Darling Island Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009 (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/zypa1). When you arrive, report to the reception desk on the ground floor and say that you’re attending the API Technical Writing workshop at Google.

This is a practical course on API technical writing, consisting of lectures interspersed with hands-on sessions where you’ll apply what you’ve learned. The focus is on APIs themselves as well as on documentation, since we need to be able to understand and use a product before we can document it.

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • Lecture: Introduction to APIs, including a demo of some REST and JavaScript APIs.
  • Hands-on: Play with a REST API.
  • Lecture: JavaScript essentials.
  • Hands-on: Play with a JavaScript API.
  • Lecture: The components of API documentation and other developer aids.
  • Hands-on: Generate reference documentation using Javadoc.
  • Lecture: Beyond Javadoc – other doc generation tools.
  • Lecture: Working with an engineering team

Preparation for the workshop

Please take a look at the event announcement to see what you need to install on your laptop before the workshop. Doing the recommended installations will save you a lot of time at the workshop so that you can avoid missing crucial bits when you’re there.

More details and how to sign up

To register for the workshop, visit the Eventbrite registration page.

I’m looking forward to meeting a number of new Sydney technical writers and seeing old friends too. Hope to see you there!


(A slide from the workshop)


About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Will there be chocolate?

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m a Technical Writer working in the Google office in London. Do you know if similar API workshops are going to be held in the UK?

  3. If not, would it be possible to set up a GVC session, so everyone can attend?

    • Hallo Jas

      If there’s enough interest, I’d be keen to investigate running a couple of workshops in the UK. I’m not planning to set up a GVC session for the Sydney workshop. The difference in time zones would be interesting. 🙂

      I’ll email you at Google to continue the conversation about London.


  4. Hi Sarah – just found out about this event and it’s amazing timing as we’re working on our first API as we speak! On EventBrite, it says Waitlist. Does that mean the event is full?

    • Hallo Deb
      That’s right, the event is fully subscribed. It’s worth adding your name to the waiting list, in case people find they’re unable to attend. We’ll poll attendees two weeks before the event, to see if all those registered are still intending to attend, and we’ll allocate any places that become available to the people on the waiting list.

  5. Can the Jira’s plugin include a REST API that is not itself the Jira app?

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