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Technical writers of the world unite – #twotwu

“If technical communicators ruled the world, I would take on…” A few weeks ago, I was given that sentence fragment and told to speak on the topic for five minutes. My audience was the group of technical communicators at TCANZ 2010.

What would you have said?

As far as I remember, I started by saying I would take on everyone in the world who does not know what technical communicators do. This rose from my heartfelt dismay when people ask, “What do you actually do all day?” 😉

I then wittered on about the opportunities that modern technology offers us to do just that. Blogging, Twitter, wikis, the technology that makes it possible to hold doc sprints… You know what I mean.

More recently at ASTC (NSW) 2010, Neil James proposed the idea that we may move towards a single, unified communication profession.

Owl, by Ryan MaddoxAnd now, in a sublime conjunction of those two trains of thought, TWOTWU is born. 🙂

This post is just for fun. It’s not a serious attempt to rule the world or to unite all technical communicators! I want to see what cool ideas and discussions this post may generate, bearing in mind that sometimes the most creative ideas arise from animated, casual discussion amongst friends with a common passion.

If you’d like to join in, add a comment to this post, or tweet on Twitter with tag #twotwu. I’ll collect the tweets and add them as comments to this post every now and then. If you like, you can subscribe to the comments on this post.

To wit, twotwu 😉

Ryan Maddox drew the owl, especially for this post. Thank you Ryan!

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