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Doggerel fooding your release notes

Warning: Not for sensitive viewers. This post contains a truly awful pun, bad grammar and lamentable verse. Read on at your own peril. Are you sitting down?

Doggerel fooding your release notes

Doggerel fooding your release notes

At work we write the release notes a while before each release and let our colleagues know when page is available for their edification and their delight. We let them know via a blog post on our internal wiki. Such blog posts tend to be a bit monotonous. “The Crowd 2.0.3 release notes are now available. Please note that this document is a draft and is for internal information only.”

This week I had a bit of fun. It was a spur of the moment thing that took me just two minutes. Hence the deplorable verse:

Rhyming the Crowd 2.0.3 Release Notes

Now you can see
What’s in Crowd 2.0.3
We’re not kiddin’
But the doc’s still hidden
So don’t give it away
But do have your say

Tom, one of our developers, snapped back with this comment:

“Doggerel fooding the release notes?”

LOL. Nerd humour at its best. Thanks Tom!

To “dogfood” is to use your own product, so that you experience its strengths and weaknesses intimately. The term started off as a noun phrase in “eating your own dog food” but is now commonly used as a verb too. In certain circles. 😉

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