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Ha ha, Atlassian is offering prizes to wiki huggers

Do you wuv your wiki? 😉 Atlassian is offering 5 prizes this week to random entries in an online competition. To enter, pick your favourite Confluence wiki feature and share it on Twitter or Facebook. I’m not eligible to win a prize because I work at Atlassian. But as a technical writer and self-confessed wiki hugger I’m hoping that a technical communicator wins on at least one of the five days!

Intrigued? Here’s the link to the competition: Get Your Wiki On. It starts on Monday 2 May 2011 and runs for the rest of the week. The time zone is California (Pacific Daylight Time) — so Tuesday morning in Sydney is still Monday. There’s a prize for each day, picked randomly from the day’s entries.

Let me know if you win!

Ha ha, Atlassian is offering prizes to wiki huggers

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