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Did you ever buy anything just because of the writing on the package?

Have you ever bought something purely because of what’s written on the package?

Today I saw this small, medical-looking box in a store’s confectionery section:

Did you ever buy something just because of the writing?

It’s a bar of chocolate! It was expensive and I already had a couple of bars in my basket. Even so, I bought it. Why? Because I wanted to take the writing home with me. I was also a little curious about the chocolate inside the package. If the writing is so innovative, the product will probably be good too.

The chocolate is good, although I prefer milk to dark chocolate. But the point is that I bought it entirely because of the writing. That’s one up for us writers. Here’s what it says:

Confectioner only remedy
Keep out of reach of chocoholics


active ingredient cocoa solids — 75%

For relief from the symptoms of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Warning — May cause weight gain if used incorrectly.

Directions: Simply break off the desired dosage and consume. You should quickly be overcome by stress-relieving endorphins and no longer concerned in the slightest about your wrinkles.

Important: This packet is protected by a tamper-evident paper wrap. If seal has been broken suspect everyone. BOCHOX can be habit forming.

Store below 18┬░ C.

NOT TO BE TAKEN seriously.

75% cocoa Swiss dark chocolate

It’s from Bloomsberry & Co, a New Zealand company that thinks chocolate. Their web site is a hoot too. Congratulations to Vanessa Kettelwell and all the Bloomsberrians for such awesome writing! And for the awful puns. ­čśë

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