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New Android app for the technical writing community

I’m super excited. I’ve just launched my first app on the Google Play Store: Tech Comm on a Map. It’s for technical communicators, to help us see what’s happening in the tech comm world. 

Tech Comm on a Map - Android appSee what’s happening in tech comm around you. If you know of something that’s missing from the map, you can add it yourself using the “Add event” option: a conference, meetup, business, or other item of interest to technical communicators.

As well as the Android app, Tech Comm on a Map is available on the Web too. The two apps use the same data source. The Web-based version has been around a while. The Android app is new and shiny: I published it to the Google Play Store this weekend.

I’d love it if you’d try it out. It’s even better if you have some events or other items of interest to share with the tech writing community, by adding them to the map. All additions are moderated before they appear in the app.


Get it on Google Play


Contributors to the project

The Android app is an open source project on Github. To kick off the project, a group of us got together during a hackathon and built the basics of the app.


Although I work at Google, this app is not a Google product.

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