Write the Docs Prague 2019 wrapup

This week I attended Write the Docs Prague, in the lovely city of Prague. While at the conference, I blogged about some of the sessions and spoke to many interesting people. This post is a summary of the event, with links to posts about specific sessions.

Write the Docs is a community of people interested in technical documentation. The heart of Write the Docs is a series of meetups in various parts of the world. There are also a few annual conferences in Australia, Europe, and the US. You don’t need to join an organisation. Just join a meetup, and then turn up.

Write the Docs focuses on documentation rather than on technical writing. The community explicitly welcomes anyone with an interest in technical documentation, including technical writers, engineers, UX designers, editors, and more.

The haps at Write the Docs Prague

This is the sixth year of European Write the Docs conferences, and the fourth time the conference has been held in Prague. There were approximately 300 attendees this year – the biggest year yet.

These are the notes I took from some of the sessions I attended:

Lightning talks tend to go a little fast for note-taking, so I didn’t blog about them. Thanks to everyone who gave a lightning talk. They were entertaining and informative. I did one myself about doc sprints:

The venue

Write the Docs Prague took place at the the Autoclub Prague (Opletalova 29, Prague 1). The outside of the building looks a little forbidding, but if you look closely at the doorway you’ll see a welcoming sign: Write the Docs Prague: You made it!

The building originates from 1929. It’s an automobile club, and it also hosts dances and music concerts.

Inside is all colour and style. This is the main hall, looking towards the stage where the talks happened:

The next view looks from the stage towards the back of the hall:

Being an autoclub, the venue has a few interesting bikes scattered around. These two are Harley Davidsons, manufactured during WWII:

The pre-conference boat trip

The pre-conference boat trip has become a tradition for Write the Docs Prague. Around 70 documentarians boarded for a two-hour trip up the Vltava river. That’s an L not an i in Vltava. Evidently the name comes from the Old Germanic wilt ahwa, which means wild water.

Looking towards the bow:

Looking aft:

The Vltava river runs through the centre of Prague. Eighteen bridges cross the river in the city. One of them is the historic Charles Bridge:

The next photo shows the Jiráskův bridge, with a view of the Dancing House (the skew white and grey building) beyond the bridge towards the left of the photo:


Thank you to the organizers, speakers, and attendees of Write the Docs Prague 2019. The conference was a lovely experience. The highpoint for me was meeting some interesting, quietly amazing people.

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