WtD Prague: The writing process of Grammy-winning artists

This week I’m attending Write the Docs Prague. It’s super exciting to attend a European Write the Docs conference, and to be visiting the lovely city of Prague. This post contains my notes from a talk at the conference. All credit goes to the presenter, any mistakes are my own.

Kayla Lee presented a talk named “The Super Effective Writing Process of Grammy-winning Artists”.

Kayla started with an entertaining introduction to her internship at a recording studio. Her talk revolved around collaboration. Kayla says collaboration is what makes Grammy-award-winning artists successful.

Using ritual for inspiration

Kayla talked about the difference between routine (boring, a schedule) and ritual (interesting, inspiring). We should add rituals to our schedule, to inspire us. Artists do this all the time in recording studios.

For example, artists need to get to know each other, so that they can feel comfortable enough to create music together. Often they get acquainted around a meal. They also listen to music, to get in the mood.

What can we do, in our more normal types of jobs? Kayla suggests we can get together to write something. We can drink coffee or beer. And we can read good code and good docs.

Make a list of 10 things you love and then do some of them every day. Increase your positivity to increase your inspiration.

The process

Kayla talked about the process of producing a musical work, and how you can apply that process to writing docs.

What the process looks like:

  • Highly collaborative. The artist, writer, and producer can all give their opinion and contribute to any piece of the whole. Avoid silos. Workshop things together.
  • Incremental. The team tackles the work in small steps. They focus on getting one part perfect.
  • Timely. The team knows when they need to produce the output, and they aim for that goal.

Kayla gave examples of applying the above qualities to the process of producing a set of documentation.

Thanks you Kayla for an entertaining talk about docs, process, and inspiration.

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