Discovered the Issue Mover for GitHub and it’s super cool

This app makes it easy for me to move GitHub issues from one repository to another within the same GitHub org. I’ve just used it for the first time. It’s a real time saver. And it’s pretty too, especially if you’re fond of ladybirds.

The Issue Mover for GitHub:

What problem does the app solve? Let’s say you belong to an organisation on GitHub with a number of repositories. The number of repos has grown over the months and years, as it inevitably does. As a result, you frequently find yourself needing to move issues from one repo to another. It’s time-consuming to do that by hand. You need to copy across all the content of and comments from each issue, reassign each issue to the relevant contributor, add back all the labels, and finally close the original issue with a note saying that it’s moved.

I’ve jotted down some example use cases. I’m pretty sure you’ll have others in mind too:

Docs: Let’s say, in the earlier days of your project people were adding the doc issues to the code repo. But now you have a website, with its own code and its own repo. So, you want to move the open doc issues from the code repo to the website repo. This is the situation I found myself in. The Issue Mover worked like a charm.

Community: At first, all your community-related requests were lumped together with doc issues. But now you have a large community that’s creating procedures and tools of its own. You create a shiny new community repo and you want to move the relevant issues into it.

Software components: Your app/framework is expanding rapidly, and it makes sense to split off separate code repos for some of the larger, less tightly-coupled components. Of course, the relevant issues should go along for the ride.

General and ongoing: People keep putting issues into the wrong repo! 😉 You like to keep things tidy, and want to move the issues to the logical place.

I was delighted to find this app, and I hope you find it useful too!

Disclaimer: Even though many of the contributors on the Issue Mover project work for Google (and so do I) this is not an official Google Product.

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