2018 conferences now open on Tech Comm on a Map

The Tech Comm on a Map application now caters for 2018 conferences. This week I updated both the web app and the Android app to accept data for 2018. I also archived the 2016 conferences.

Tech Comm on a Map is an interactive map showing items of interest to technical communicators around the world: conferences, groups, businesses, societies, courses, and other things we find interesting. Tech Comm on a Map is available as a web app (see the previous link) and an Android app.

Highlights of the latest update:

  • I’ve added a  option, which you can click to add items to the map (new in the web app only; the Android app already has an Add event option in the menu).
  • I’ve added a data type for 2018 conferences, and archived the 2016 conferences (web and Android).

Each coloured dot on the map represents a conference, business, society, group, course, or something else. Click a dot to see what it’s about.

Adding 2018 conferences and more

The map is now able to accept 2018 conferences, but there’s not much data on the map for 2018 yet. At this point I’ve added just two 2018 conferences. I’ll add more over the next few weeks.

If you have time, please do add items to the map: 2018 conferences, groups, societies, educational courses, and more. It’s also fun to add tidbits that you think are of interest to tech writers and have a geographical relevance. For example, the Other item type includes the birthplace of Ada Lovelace. Try de-selecting all event types except Other, and see what’s there now.

To add an item:

  • Click the new ⊕ icon  on the web app.
  • Or select the Add event option in the menu in the Android app.

If you’d like to know more about the apps, how they work, and where the data comes from, take a look at the page about Tech Comm on a Map.

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Is this still being kept up, for 2019 conferences?

    • Hallo Fer

      I’m intending to add 2019 conference data, though I haven’t enabled the 2019 year yet. I guess it’s about time to do that.

      I have a bit of a blocker problem with browsers that refuse to load the data due to strict CORS checking. See the issue that describes the problem. I can’t find the solution, even after lots of investigation and attempts to fix the problem. If no-one else can help fix it, I’m wondering if I should just take the map down.

      Do you use the map primarily Android? The Android app is not affected by this problem, but most browsers are. Have you noticed the absence of data on the map?

      Any ideas would be very helpful!


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