tcworld India 2016 wrapup

This week I attended tcworld India 2016 in Bangalore. It’s been an amazing, rewarding experience. Here are some of my impressions, and a roundup of the posts I’ve written about the sessions I attended.

Tcworld India is an annual conference run by TWIN (Technical Writers of India) and tekom Deutschland. This is a great event, attended by 350 energetic, knowledgable technical communicators.

In his introductory speech at the start of the conference, Akash Dubey said that the great thing about tcworld India is the learning that happens in the corridors. That is so true! At every step, I met people with things to discuss, things to show, questions to ask, answers to propose.

The stage before the start of the conference, awaiting words of tech comm wisdom:

tcworld India 2016

The sessions

There were 8 time slots on each of the two days of the conference, with up to 4 sessions running in each time slot. In total that makes approximately 30 sessions, covering topics across a range of areas: content strategy, tools, technologies, trends, usability, authoring and editing, structured writing, career development, leadership, localisation and translation, and more.

The following posts contain my notes about the sessions I attended:


The conference took place in Bangalore, India. My travelling bookmark has some impressions of the city to share: Bangalore peace and traffic.


Thank you to the organisers of tcworld India 2016, for a very well planned event and a skilfully constructed program. The care that you put into this conference is obvious. Walking around the halls, I saw happy, busy, engaged attendees and packed sessions throughout.

The party!

Technical communicators in Bangalore sure do know how to throw a good party. The venue was beautifully decorated:

tcworld India 2016

We started with a few song and dance numbers from some very talented technical writers. I filmed some short videos, which capture the spirit and beauty of the event:

Another dancing item:

There was so much more. Guitars:

tcworld India 2016

A sax:

tcworld India 2016


tcworld India 2016

A huge thank you to the performers who put so much effort and talent into the show. I was blown away by the beauty of it, and so were all the attendees. Talented technical writers indeed!

After the show, the rest of the crowd got into the dancing scene:

tcworld India 2016

Thanks again, tcworld India 2016!

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