Talking of technical communicators who write books

Many technical writers do other types of writing too. This week I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting one of them in person. Cynthia Chin-Lee is a manager in information development at Oracle, and also the author of a number of books. She made me a present of two of them – such a generous gesture.

One of the books Cynthia gave me is Amelia to Zora, Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World. Cynthia is the author, and the illustrations are by Megan Halsey and Sean Addy.

Amelia to Zora - book cover

Each page is about a woman who’s done amazing, beautiful, world-changing things with her life. Cynthia has managed to pack an enormous amount into just a few words about each person, with a quotation from each one. The illustrations by Megan and Sean are unusual and lovely. My favourite is the page about Imogen Cunningham, a photographer:

Amelia to Zora - a page in the book

The second book Cynthia gave me is Operation Marriage, a story about a family of four: two mothers and two children. The mothers are gay, and at the start of the book they haven’t yet married. When they first decided to commit their lives to each other, marriage of gay couples was not legal in their part of the world. The story tells how their two children get together to persuade them to marry.

Cynthia Chin-Lee is the author and Lea Lyon is the illustrator.

Operation Marriage - book cover

The story is sensitively and neatly told, and the illustrations are just gorgeous. This is my favourite page, showing the family settled down on the couch to watch a video of the mothers’ commitment ceremony:

You can find details of the books on Cynthia’s website. Thank you Cynthia for a thoughtful gift.

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  1. Thanks, Sarah, for the lovely blog. My writers and I appreciated the wonderful class you gave on API writing at Google. And last but not least, the book Operation Marriage has been made into a free, 9-minute movie which can be seen at

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