Webinar series on API tech writing, starting February 2015

The STC (Society for Technical Communication) is presenting a series of webinars (online seminars) on API technical writing, starting in February. I’m delighted to be presenting the first webinar in the series: Part 1: Introduction to API Technical Writing.

The role of API technical writer is exciting, rewarding, and challenging. In this webinar we’ll explore what an API is and does, see a couple of APIs in action (provided the demo gremlins stay away!), take a look at some examples of API documentation, and hear some tips on getting started in the role.

Details of the first webinar in the series

Date and time: Wednesday, 11 February 2015, at 2pm EST (GMT-5) – that’s 6am here in Sydney!
Duration: One hour.
Fees and registration details: Please refer to the STC announcement: Part 1 in API Series: Introduction to API Technical Writing.

Here’s an outline of the session:

  • Introduction to the role of API technical writer
  • Overview of the types of developer products we may be asked to document
  • What an API is and who uses it
  • A couple of live demos of APIs that you can play with at home
  • Types of APIs, including REST APIs, other web services, library-based APIs like JavaScript, and more
  • Examples of good API documentation
  • The components of API documentation, and the technical writer’s role in the creation of each component
  • Tips on getting started as an API technical writer

 Focus on APIs in the world of technical documentation

APIs are a hot topic in our field. Following on from my introductory webinar, the next two sessions in the STC’s series have already been announced. In episode 2, Ed Marshall talks about documentating Java and C++ APIs. In episode 3, Joe Malin describes how to write effective code samples.

Then there’s my upcoming API workshop in January (now fully subscribed) sponsored by the STC and Google. Tom Johnson runs an API workshop at TC Camp 2015. The September edition of Intercom focused on API technical writing. Tom Johnson has written some truly excellent blog posts on the subject over the last few months, the latest of which is a podcast with Joe Malin. Here’s a list of my own posts about APIs.

Are you into, or interested in, API tech writing?

Phew, a hot topic indeed. I’d love to know whether it’s something you’re interested in. Perhaps you’re dabbling in APIs, or already into them full time?


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