Tech Comm on a Map now includes businesses and groups

A month ago I announced my project called “Tech Comm on a Map”. The idea is to help us see what’s happening in the world of technical communication around the globeTech Comm on a Map puts tech comm titbits onto an interactive map, together with the data and functionality provided by Google Maps.

When first announced, the map included data types for conferences, societies, and a grab-bag called “other“, which currently contains a couple of historically-interesting morsels.

Now I’ve added two more data types:

  • businesses for commercial organisations specialising in tech comm, such as consultancies, recruiters, publishers, independent technical writers, and so on.
  • groups for smaller groups and regular meetups of technical communicators, either as part of a larger society/association, or as an independent group.

Any groups or businesses to add?

At this point there are very few businesses and groups on the map. Do you have one you’d like me to add? Please add a comment to this post, including the following information for each item. The information will be publicly available on the map, via an information box that appears when someone clicks on the relevant circle on the map:

  • Type: Conference, Society, Business, or Group
  • Name of the business, group, society or conference.
  • Description.
  • Website address (or an email address that people can use to get more information).
  • Street address (this is essential, to position the item on the map).
  • Start and end date for conferences, or meetup timing for groups (e.g. “First Wednesday of every month at lunch time”, or “Every Tuesday at 7pm”).

Note: Don’t add the names or addresses of any individuals, unless it’s your own name and address. We need to ensure we have people’s permission before adding their information in a comment on this post, or on the map. Any information you add here should be already publicly available on an organisation’s website or other publication.

Contributors to the project

Thanks to the following people who have helped me add data to the map so far: Sarah O’Keefe, Ellis Pratt, Stefan Eike.

Thanks also to Stefan Eike and Stephen Farrar, who have both contributed to the code on GitHub.

More coming

Excited? I am. 🙂 If you’d like to know more about the project, check out the introductory blog post. Soon I’ll write another post with the technical details of the APIs and other tools involved. In the meantime, here’s Tech Comm on a Map.

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Please add my company, Analecta Communications Inc.

    Business name: Analecta Communications Inc.
    Description: Every Page is Page One. Content Strategy, content engineering, content creation.
    Street Address: 57 Queen St N, Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2H 6T7

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Can you add the Melbourne Flare User Group details to the map?

    Type:User Group
    Name: Melbourne Flare User Group
    Description: A Group formed out of a need for technical communicators in the Melbourne area to get together and discuss ideas, thoughts and random stuff, mainly about Madcap Flare
    Website address:
    Email address:
    Street address: Meeting place North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol St, North Melbourne.
    Meetup timing for groups: First Thursday of each month


  3. Hi Sarah,

    Love the project and have blogged about it for my client, whose business I’d like to add:

    Type: Business
    Name: Writing Assistance, Inc.
    Description: Staffing firm for technical communicators.
    Website address:
    Email address:
    Street address: 3140 Harbor Lane, Suite 130, Plymouth, MN 55447

    Thanks! And keep up the great work.


  4. Hi Sarah,

    Please add TechScribe. Thanks.

    Type: Business
    Name: TechScribe
    Description: 1) Software documentation services. 2) Term checker for Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100)
    Website address:
    Street address: 52 Stanwood Crescent, Sheffield S6 5JB, UK

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Please add our company. Thanks in advance.

    Type: Business
    Name: DREDAR
    Description: Technical communication consultants and trainers. We supplement software products with appropriate technical communication and testing services to build real solutions meeting end users needs.
    Street address: Grzegórzecka 85, 31-559 Kraków


  6. Hi Sarah,

    Have you considered adding TC degree programs to the map as well? I’d be interested in having a listing to the Technical and Professional Communication graduate programs at East Carolina University if this sort of entry is within the scope of your project!

    • Hallo Brent
      It’s a great idea! A couple of people have mentioned something similar to me, and I have a reminder for myself to add courses/education to the map whenever time allows. I hope to get to it over the holiday period, but things are still pretty busy. 🙂 I’ll keep your comment in mind, so that I can add your entry as one of the first on the map.

    • Hallo Brent
      I’ve added a “Course” type to the map. It’d be great to add the East Carolina University programs! If you have the information handy, please would you head on over to the page about Tech Comm on a Map and add a comment? The page lets you know what information is needed. Alternatively, I can email you a spreadsheet – that may be easier for you if there are a number of entries. Let me know. 🙂 (No need to put your email address in the open in a comment – I can get it from the WordPress entry created when you add the comment.)

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