STC Summit 2013 wrapup #stc13

Today is the last day of  STC Summit 2013, the annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication. All the sessions are finished, and I’m wrapping up my blogging before getting on a plane. You’ll find my posts under the tag stc13 on this blog.

Kudos and a big vote of thanks to Paul Mueller, Chris Hester and the STC conference committee for organising such a great event. From my point of view, the organisation was flawless. I had fun, learned a lot, met great people, and spoke my piece to my satisfaction too. All of those are thanks to the hard work of the organisers.

There were 80+ education sessions, spread over 7 tracks, as well as various workshops, demos, trade expositions, training sessions and social events. I’ve blogged about the sessions I attended. Please take the posting dates with a pinch of salt. My WordPress site is set to Australian time.

Because there were many sessions running concurrently, it’s not possible to attend them all. I also attended a progression (a sequence of short talks within the space of an hour) where the pace was too fast for me to take notes.

More sources of information

Kai Weber has published some posts about the conference. Knowing him, he’ll come up with more once he’s made the long trip back to Germany. See posts tagged “stc13” on Kai’s blog.

Twitter is very active at the moment. You can catch the tweets on the #stc hash tag. That feed will fade in a few days, when the Twitter search API times the entries out.

You’ll find a full list of sessions, along with information about the speakers and related links for each session, at the STC Summit 2013 site on

I’m sure the STC will publish a summary and more links soon. And there are other bloggers around too. Stay tuned!

For a touch of light relief: A report from the intrepid band of STC ghost busters.


At the opening session and keynote presentation on Sunday. The stage before the action starts:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

The audience getting ready for the big event:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

The keynote speaker was David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times and creator of the Missing Manuals series. At this Summit, David was awarded honorary membership of the STC. Here’s Alan Houser, outgoing STC president, with David Pogue:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

David in full swing:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

Intrepid ghost hunters on the Atlanta Ghost Tour:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

Nope, not really convinced there’s a ghost around here, but we’re having fun anyway:

STC Summit 2013 wrapup

Thanks again everyone at stc13!


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! Yes, indeed: I’ve had another couple of blog posts up my sleeve and have now published them under the tag link you’ve mentioned.

    I’ve had a lot of fun at the summit and meeting with you over lunch! Have fun & be safe on your travels. See you around, Kai.

  2. Wow, you take copious notes that manage to get to the salient points of each talk. Very interesting mix of sessions, most of which gave me food for thought. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hallo Eileen
      I’m glad the notes are useful. It actually helps me to focus and draw conclusions if I’m taking notes during a talk. There’s less chance of my brain wandering off at a tangent. 🙂

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