Tekom tcworld 2012 wrapup

I’ve spent the last few days at Tekom tcworld 2012, a technical communicators’ conference and trade fair in Wiesbaden, Germany. What a huge event! It was great seeing old friends and meeting new people. Thanks to the tcworld organisers for a successful, rewarding conference.

My introduction to the conference was the speakers’ orientation session hosted by Michael Fritz, executive director at tcworld and Tekom. Here are some statistics that Michael gave us about this year’s conference and trade fair:

  • 2400 participants registered for the conference
  • 1300 more people registered for the trade fair
  • 158 lectures, of which 52 are in English (the others are in German)
  • 49 workshops, of which 16 are in English
  • 17 tutorials, of which 6 are in English

Yes, a huge event.

Notes from some sessions

I’ve blogged about most of the sessions I attended. I hope these posts are useful to people who couldn’t make it to the conference and to people who were there but couldn’t attend these sessions:

Atlassian and K15t Software at Tekom tcworld

Atlassian and K15t Software had a booth at the trade fair. I popped in a number of times over the three days of the conference, to chat to the team:

There was a steady stream of people interested in Atlassian software, K15t’s software and services, and wiki-based documentation:

Lovely Wiesbaden

Before the conference started, I spent some time wandering around the sleepy spa town. There are more pictures on my travelling bookmark’s blog: Autumn in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Thanks to the organisers, delegates, exhibitors and speakers at Tekom tcworld 2012. It’s a great show!

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