Irreplaceable young professionals at Tekom tcword 2012

I’m at Tekom tcworld 2012, in Wiesbaden. I’ve decided to attend a presentation in German, because the presenter is a friend: Johannes Egenolf of K15t Software. Let’s see how much I understand!

Johannes’s presentation is titled, “Wie man sich als Berufseinsteiger unersetzlich macht“. In English, “How to make yourself irreplaceable as a young professional”.

The room was packed! This is obviously something many people are interested in.

Johannes is speaking without slides. Brave. He has just a few notes in one hand, a microphone in the other. He’s bathed in a gentle purple light from the overhead projector. He’s telling his life story with smiles and gestures.

I didn’t understand much of what Johannes said, but his passion and enthusiasm shone through. I heard him talking about vision, about thinking about technical documentation in different ways, about being open, and about making use of social media.

After the presentation, I chatted to another attendee who said that Johannes’s personality and enthusiasm were great. “He’ll never have a problem in making himself indispensable to a company, with such a personality,” said the attendee. Nice. 🙂

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  1. Kelly M. McDaniel

    Great topic! Congratulations, Johannes!

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