How to change the username for all pages in a Confluence space

Sometimes you may want to do a bulk update of the usernames on all pages in a Confluence space, to change the creator of all the pages. This may be necessary if someone leaves the company, for example, and for some reason you need to change the “owner” of all pages. Or perhaps you have changed your name, and want the pages to be registered in your new username. There isn’t an easy way of changing a username in Confluence. This post describes a partial solution to the problem, with some caveats.

There isn’t any easy way of changing usernames in Confluence. (See the feature request.) The current process involves some heavy database manipulation, as described in the documentation: Changing Usernames.

A partial solution for changing the creator of all pages in a space

This is an alternative solution that may be useful under specific conditions – see the caveats below. You can install the Copy Space plugin and use it to copy the space to a new space. Untick the option called “Use existing authors and dates”.

Copying a space

This will copy your space to a new space, with a new space key. The author of all the pages will be the person who copied the space.

Please note the following caveats:

  • All links coming into the space from outside will be broken, because the new space has a new space key. This affects URLs that use the space key and page name, including links from outside the wiki and from other Confluence spaces on the same wiki. However, you can get round this by deleting the original space, then copying the new space a second time and specifying the original space key.
  • All links that use tiny links (permalinks) will be broken, because every page gets a new tiny link in the new space. Every page gets a new identifier too.
  • The Copy Space plugin copies only pages, with their attachments and comments. It does not copy blog posts or mail archives.
  • You will lose all page history. The plugin copies only the latest version of each page.
  • This solution changes the creator of every page in the space, not just those added by a given username.

In other words, the above method may be useful if the above points are not a drawback in your situation.

It’s definitely worth testing the solution in a test environment and assessing the results before using it for real.


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