Confluence 4 editor, wiki markup and XML storage format – tips from an expert

Graham Hannington is a Confluence fundi. He has steeped himself in the new “XHTML-based” storage format, bent the Confluence 4 editor to his will, and resurrected wiki markup in ingenious ways.

Graham has recently started adding his findings to this wiki: Advanced Confluence Tips. Here are the hints he has shared to date:

A huge thanks to Graham, for sharing the results of his indepth investigation and design work!

If you’d like to comment on Graham’s pages, or add some hints of your own, you can sign up for a username on the wiki. It’s free. 🙂

Brightening up the Australian winter

A Rainbow Lorikeet, encountered on a walk in the bush a week or so ago:


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  1. grahamhannington

    You’re welcome, Sarah. Thank you for the kind words. (A “Confluence fundi”, huh? 🙂 )

    • Hallo Graham

      It’s nice to “see” you here. Ha ha, I’ve realised that some people may not know what I mean by “fundi”, though I’m sure you do! A Google search reveals some interesting meanings! I’m originally from South Africa. To me, a “fundi” is a learned person, an expert in a particular field. It comes from the Zulu/Xhosa word “umfundi”.

      Cheers, Sarah

  2. Yep, I got it ;).

    I’m originally from South Africa.

    It won’t be a surprise to you that the founder of the company I work for is also originally from South Africa.

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