Yaayyy a Confluence doc sprint coming soon

We’re holding one of our famous choc fests, uh, doc sprints! This time we’re targeting the Confluence developer documentation. We plan to build some simple but lustworthy Confluence add-ons, and write them up so that other people can follow in our footsteps.

A doc sprint is an event where some seriously cool people spend time together, building plugins and other add-ons, and crafting tutorials around them. This one is hosted by Atlassian – makers of Confluence wiki, and where I work. The doc sprint is happening in Sydney, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and online for everywhere else.

Has anyone held a doc sprint in Amsterdam before, or are we the first? 😉 A little bird told me there’s a divine chocolate shop just around the corner from the Atlassian office. The ideal venue for a doc sprint!

Event details

Date: Wednesday 22 August to Friday 24 August 2012 (3 days)

Location in Australia: The Atlassian Sydney office, 173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney, Australia

Location in the US: The Atlassian San Francisco office, 1098 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA

Location in Europe: The Atlassian Amsterdam office, Keizersgracht 311, 1016EE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Online: Want to join us remotely? If you can’t make it to Sydney, San Francisco or Amsterdam, or if you’d like to spend just a few hours rather than the whole two days, drop in on our daily webinar sessions, follow the buzz in our online chat room and subscribe to our email list. We’ll fill in the details nearer the date.

Sign up and tweet

Are you a plugin developer with a bent for writing, or a writer with a knack for plugin development? Add your name to the list of attendees. Make sure you tell us your chocolate middle name. Take heed: Your choice of name may have unexpected consequences.

And tweet #AtlassianDocSprint.

What will you get out of it ?

  • A designer, limited-edition, Atlassian doc sprint T-shirt. No-one else in your ‘hood will have one like it!
  • Eternal recognition as author. Your name will appear as author of the tutorial on the Atlassian documentation wiki.
  • Kudos from the Atlassian technical writers. We’ll write up our results on the Atlassian blog and you’ll be inducted into the Doc Sprint Hall of Fame.
  • Learn while you write. We’ll have some Atlassian developers on tap to help us over the sticky spots. Pair with a technical writer to get those words buzzing.
  • Chocolate. Indubitably, there will be chocolate in there somewhere.

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Swapnil Ogale

    Hi Sarah,

    Very interested in being a part of this, but have never used Confluence before.
    (Happy to read up a bit before the doc sprint though).

    Is that going to be an issue?


  2. Hi, Sarah.

    Would love to participate in this remotely, but have a couple of questions. Would you contact me offline?


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