STC Summit day 3 – Lightning talks

I’m at the STC 2012, the annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication. One of  today’s sessions was devoted to 5-minute lightning talks from 10 people. Here are some sound bites from those talks.

Robert Rhyne Armstrong was the moderator of this session. In his introduction he said, “This session is for fun. It’s meant to entertain you, in the same way a train wreck does.” It did.

The presentations were excellent and thought-provoking. And very fast. Instead of taking detailed notes, I jotted down a sound bite from each person. They will probably mean most to people who were there. 😀

Ray Gallon: Today, knowledge is power by sharing. The more we give away, the more influence we have. [Twitter]

Robert Rhyne Armstrong: I love each and every one of you. [Twitter]

Ben Woelk: We are all targets [for security scams and attacks]. [Slides] [Twitter]

Al Martine: Look at the horizon [to find your destination]. [Twitter]

Connie Giordano: It’s about camaraderie.[Twitter]

Kelly Schrank: You’re probably not going to get a standing ovation from your managers, but [they’ll be] appreciative.  [Twitter]

Rick Lippincott: We [technical communicators] have always been there and we always will. [Twitter]

Larry Kunz: Press the red button to get a pizza. [Slides] [Twitter]

Richard Hamilton: If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. [Twitter]

Paul Mueller: [Speaking of himself] I use the term “presenter” in the very loose sense. [Twitter]

Paul’s session was hilarious. He had to talk through slides that Rhyne had put together. Paul hadn’t seen them until they appeared as he spoke.

Were you there, and do you have any sound bites or other impressions to add? Maybe you’re one of the speakers, and would rather be remembered by something other than what I’ve written. 😀 Feel free to add a comment!

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  1. Debbie Westerman

    Love this! In fact, am loving all your posts from the conference. Makes me feel like I’m almost there. Thanks Sarah. You rock!

    • Hallo Debbie
      Thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m so glad the posts help to make up for missing the conference. I’m always very grateful to other people who blog about conferences and events. As you said, it almost makes you feel you’re there.
      Cheers, Sarah

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