Rough Drafts at a technical writing conference

Do rough drafts have a place at a technical writing conference? They do when they’re the Rough Drafts at STC 2012!

Technical communicators jam in style. On Tuesday evening, we all doffed our serious conference faces (hah!) and donned our dancing shoes to tap along with the Rough Drafts. The band was formed by two STC members, Tommy Barker (lead guitar and vocals) and Rich Maggiani (drums). The other band members are Viqui Dill and Robert Hershenow.

Here are some photos and a video that I took during the evening.

The video below shows the Rough Drafts’ rendition of one of my all-time favourite songs: Peggy Sue. They did a great job!

A happy wave from Viqui:

The band rocking it:

Janet and Ellis chilling it:

Guest singers spicing it up, including my friend Kai Weber.:

Technical writings jiving to it:

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  1. Thanks for the pictures that will preserve my memories of this special night. I backed up my friend Elizabeth in singing “The Weight” by The Band. Thanks to the Rough Drafts for putting this on!

  2. That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

    — Steve

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