Recording of webinar about Confluence wiki, collaboration and technical communication

Yesterday I presented a Scriptorium webcast titled “Collaboration: A hands-on demo using Confluence wiki“. The kind folks at Scriptorium have made a recording of the webinar available, and I’ve uploaded my slides too.

This presentation is about collaboration and what it means to technical communicators, and how we can use a wiki to enhance the experience. I give a hands-on demonstration of creating a technical documentation space on a wiki. You will see how to design a home page using the Confluence editor, macros, and even a touch of Twitter integration. You’ll also see how to draft a page, invite subject matter experts to review the page, and keep track of what they do to your documentation. After walking through the simple workflow of draft, review and publication, I discuss the use of add-ons and plugins to supply more sophisticated workflow functionality.

It was great to get some questions from attendees and answer them at the end of the session too. Having a live wiki up and running was very useful to illustrate the answers!

Webinar recording

Scriptorium has published the recording of the webinar on SlideShare: Webinar: Collaboration: A hands-on demo using Confluence wiki

Slides with speaker’s notes

Once you’ve watched the webinar, you may find it useful to see the slides with my speaker’s notes. The slide deck includes screenshots of the parts of the demo that were live on the wiki during the presentation. The slides available on SlideShare: Slides: Collaboration: A hands-on demo using Confluence wiki.

To see the speaker’s notes, click the tab labelled “Notes on slide n” under each slide (next to the comments tab).

Who is Donna Dark?

Donna is a denizen of my demo wiki. She’s a technical communicator extraordinaire. Take a peak at the webinar recording. You’re bound to bump into her.

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Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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