Confluence tip – speedy text formatting with keyboard shortcuts

This hint is for people who type faster than they move their mouses. Like me! It shows one of the ways of formatting text quickly (bold, italic, bullets, lists, headings) in Confluence wiki. The post could also be called “quick keys FTW”. (wink)

I’m using Confluence 4.1.9.

Keyboard shortcuts are your friend

They’re a real time saver. Click the ? on the editor toolbar to see them:

The resulting help dialog shows some of the shortcut keys:

There are more – try the usual suspects too

Most of the keyboard shortcuts will work as you expect. For example:

  • Bold text: Ctrl+B or Cmd+B
  • Italics: Ctrl+I or Cmd+I
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z

They’re described in the Confluence documentation: Keyboard shortcuts.


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