A quick update on my book

The Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate wiki is buzzing! That’s where I’m writing the book, and that’s where the technical reviewers are giving their feedback at the moment: on the wiki. It’s good fun seeing all their comments flow in. Their input is very useful indeed.

My earlier post let everyone know that I’m writing a book about technical communication on Confluence, titled Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate: A wiki as platform extraordinaire for technical communication. We’ve been busy with the technical review for the last two weeks. The review phase finishes this weekend. Then I’ll incorporate all the feedback, finalise the content and compile the index. The deadline for final content is end of December. I’ve taken two weeks’ leave, starting today, to focus on the book and meet that deadline. Yaayyy!

I submitted the book proposal in May 2011. Publication is due at the end of January 2012 – a little over a month away. I’ve been keeping track of the time spent on various aspects of the project: writing, admin, design, review, and promotion. When the book is out, it will be interesting to see the proportion of time spent on each activity. I’ll publish some graphs and a timeline. There are probably one or two technical writers out there who’ll be interested.

Hehe, that makes me think of what our CEO said when he heard that I’m writing a book. It was something like this: “Congratulations! All technical writers are frustrated authors, aren’t they!” He said it with a big smile. 🙂

A quick update on my Paperbark tree

Just over four years ago, at around the time when I started this blog, I also planted a couple of trees. One of them was a Prickly Paperbark. A few weeks ago it flowered for the very first time. The timing is rather nice, because the flowers bloomed just as I posted the announcement of the book!

Here’s a closeup of the flowers:

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