How to wrap text around images in Confluence 4.0

I have just learned how to wrap the text around an image in Confluence 4.0. W00t. Just click the image to select it, then click the left-align or right-align button in the editor toolbar. Simple when you know how!

One tricky aspect: There is no indication that the image is selected. Just click it, and it will be OK. 🙂

How to wrap text around an image in Confluence 4.0

How to wrap text around an image in Confluence 4.0

In case you’re wondering, it’s easy in Confluence 3.5: When you insert an image using the image browser, there is an “Align” option in the image insertion dialog, where you can choose no alignment, or left, right or centre alignment.

When using wiki markup (in either 3.5 or 4.0) you can enter an alignment parameter in the image markup. For example,


Happy word wrapping. 🙂

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  1. I’m posting this comment on behalf of Michael O’Neill. The blog site wouldn’t let him post it, for some reason or other.

    Sweet! I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my wiki markup just yet, but that’s looking slick.

    There’s an alternative way using the Adaptavist {float} macro ( I’ve included the following in some of my internal wikipatterns pages. If you’re just dealing with images, I’d use the built in image align attributes. However, the macro allows you to float other wiki elements, so it might be worth knowing that it’s available.

    —— Markup Samples —–

    {note}You can align images left/right and have the text wrap around them by using the standard “align:right/left” code in the markup you use to insert an image.{note}

    h1. Screen One — Text float left

    *some floating text*

    *Yeah! More Text!*

    h1. Screen One — Image float right in panel


    h1. Screen One — text float left, no box lines

    This text is just hangin’ out
    Wonderin’ what it’s all about

    h1. More on floating…

  2. Lifesaver! It was not obvious at all how to do this. I didn’t think the edit format buttons would apply to the picture. Doh!

    • Hallo Danny

      🙂 Me neither!

      Here’s another thing I discovered fairly recently: If you click a macro placeholder, you can then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V it (or Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V).


  3. I just found this feature by accident and lost my mind a little bit! I always assumed that text wrapping just wasn’t an option. Is it sad that I’m excited about this feature? (Also slightly grumpy that I didn’t investigate it before!)

  4. Thank you Sarah, your blog post will have immediate positive effects on the visual appearance of my pages! I also regret haven’t researched this earlier…

  5. Thanks! Summary:
    1. Add image (e.g., Ctrl-M)
    2. Write text (starts at bottom right of the image)
    3. Hit “Align left” or “Align right”.
    This moves your text to start at top left or top right of the image.

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