Ha ha, Atlassian is offering prizes to wiki huggers

Do you wuv your wiki? 😉 Atlassian is offering 5 prizes this week to random entries in an online competition. To enter, pick your favourite Confluence wiki feature and share it on Twitter or Facebook. I’m not eligible to win a prize because I work at Atlassian. But as a technical writer and self-confessed wiki hugger I’m hoping that a technical communicator wins on at least one of the five days!

Intrigued? Here’s the link to the competition: Get Your Wiki On. It starts on Monday 2 May 2011 and runs for the rest of the week. The time zone is California (Pacific Daylight Time) — so Tuesday morning in Sydney is still Monday. There’s a prize for each day, picked randomly from the day’s entries.

Let me know if you win!

Ha ha, Atlassian is offering prizes to wiki huggers

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  1. Looks like it’s Twitter only. And I”m more of a facebook girl myself

    • Hallo mumpy
      You should be able to click a Facebook “Like” button on that web page. I can see one. I wonder if you need to be logged in to Facebook to see the button?

      • No FB Like button on that web page for me – but it’s ok – I tagged the Attlasian Software FB page in my status. (I love competitions – I wish one of the prizes was a trip to Australia!!)

  2. Hey guess what? I won an Angry Nerds t-shirt for my suggestion on what to put in the campaign page! BTW – will send you a FB friend request under my real name – coz I want you to see my status!

  3. Hallo mumpy and all
    A quick update on the Facebook “Like” option on the web page. Evidently our technical team was troubleshooting on Monday morning Pacific time to get the dynamic counter to work. So there may have been intermittent outages, but it was fully functional by midday Monday (again Pacific time). If you can’t see the buttons, they recommend that you clear your browser cookies and try again.
    Cheers, Sarah

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