A technical writer in Sydney – and some trees

Julie Norris had a great idea this week. She has created a YouTube channel specifically for the #tcchat Twitter chat group, and she’s uploaded a video of herself and her corner of the world. Now she’s inviting us to do the same. What a lovely idea, thanks Julie!

So I’ve spent the last few days making a video and uploading it to YouTube. To cut a long story short, here’s the video. As Julie suggested, the video introduces me as a technical writer working in Sydney, and shows you a bit about my surroundings:

I think it’s a cool idea that will help to bring far-flung technical writers closer together, especially those of us who take part in the #tcchat Twitter chat group.

The long story

It took many, many tries to get this far. I have to confess that the air turned a delicate blue hue at times. Why oh why are movie formats so finicky, fussy and frustrating? πŸ˜‰

I first read Julie’s post when I was on the bus on the way to work. Unsurprisingly, I did not have my camera with me. I did, however, have my sparkling new iPhone 4, which does movies. Cool. I made a cute movie of the Sydney Harbour Bridge through the bus window, and of the building where I work. On the way home, I filmed a Paperbark tree flapping in the breeze and a Sydney Red Gum glowing in the gentle afternoon light.

The next day I sallied forth with my “real” camera and took some more movies.

Then I attempted to splice them together. Disaster. I tried free software and trial versions of expensive software. Suffice it to say: Nothing works perfectly.

So in the end, I’ve decided to use the software that came with my Canon camera. It’s pretty good, but it is not able to merge the movie files made by the iPhone. It gets the picture OK, but no sound.

Oh, and I’m fond of Australian trees. You’ve probably noticed there are a couple in the movie above. πŸ™‚

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Yep. Agree, it puts a face to a blog, turns a name into a person. Great idea Julie. Seems more research on video formats is needed! Good luck.


  2. Hi Sarah –

    It’s a wonderful video! Thanks for taking all that time and effort into producing it. It’s nice to see the harbor, and I loved learning about all the trees. Those squiggles are so artistic. My family enjoyed it as well.

    I also tried various options for my video. Definitely learning as I go. I have new appreciation for those who work behind and in front of a camera for a living. My final version was taken on a Flip camera, and I used Camtasia for the editing.

    Thanks for this view into Australia –

  3. Joanne Skirving

    Thanks, Sarah, for giving us sights and sounds of midsummer. Here in Oregon USA we’re prepping for snow in a few days.


  4. What a wonderful idea πŸ™‚
    Only now I realized that you have a real summer over there!
    If making video were more fun than a pain in the neck, I’d definitely asked for more!

  5. Thanks everyone. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the video. Actually, it was more fun and more satisfying than my blog post makes it sound. πŸ™‚

    Now that I know the limitations and the capabilities of the software available to me, I think it will be even more fun and certainly less frustrating. I’m guessing there probably will be more videos in my future!

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