Looking forward to ASTC (NSW) conference 2010

The ASTC (NSW) Conference is coming up very soon! It’s on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October in Sydney. I’ll be presenting a session on Friday morning, then sitting back to relax and hear what everyone else has to say.

I’m so looking forward to this conference, especially because it is happening in my home town. It will be great to meet the local technical writers, swap stories and see what everyone has been up to in recent months.

Are you coming to the conference? Drop a comment on this blog post or tweet at me (@sarahmaddox) if you are.

The sessions

My session will be about engaging your readers in the documentation. It touches on various tools we’ve been using to get feedback from our readers. Taking it even further, we’ve made our documentation a place where people can come to exchange tips and tricks with us and with each other, and even on occasion to correct what we’ve written. I’m looking forward to hearing what the conference attendees think about these ideas.

I’m looking forward to all the other sessions, and in particular:

  • Software usability: some second thoughts, by Jon Jermey. He suggests that placing a value on ‘usability’ risks devaluing other goals. Wow, brave man, to posit such a thought in these times when usability is everyone’s mantra!
  • Preparing your documentation for translation, by Sarah Forget. At Atlassian where I work, we don’t yet consider designing our documentation for translation. The time is fast approaching when we will need to do this.
  • Interior decorating and the art of documentation, by David Keen. He says that people are more likely to pick up and use something if it looks good. Yes!

The conference website offers the conference programme in PDF format.

Talking about meeting the locals…

This morning I went for a walk in the bush, inland from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I was extremely luck to bump into two yellow-tailed black cockatoos. I managed to get within three metres of them. They are beautiful birds, quite large at 60cm long, and very intelligent.

Here’s another video showing them both.

See you at the conference!


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