Twitter Chat for technical writers

I’m so excited about the new weekly Twitter Chats for technical writers, announced last week by Julie Norris and Tristan Bishop! I’ve decided to blog about this great idea, just in case you haven’t seen Julie’s and Tristan’s blog posts and tweets.

Maybe, like me, you’re in the Asia Pacific region and you think,

Oh well, there’s another cool thing I’ll miss out on unless I get up at 3am 😦

But there’s no need to miss out this time! Julie and Tristan have decided to hold two separate chats every week, to have a better chance of suiting all our time zones. That’s so cool! I’m definitely up for the chat that happens at 12 noon on Fridays, Sydney time (GMT+10).

Twitter chat details


  • Two sessions weekly. I’m attending the one at 12 noon on Fridays, Sydney time (GMT+10).
  • Tag: #TCchat

The details are in Julie’s and Tristan’s blog posts:

Julie has also written a great post to get us started: Twitter Chats 101.

Thank you guys, what a great idea!

A bush in my garden

Spring has arrived, and wow just look at this bush that we planted two years ago! It’s flourishing in soil about two inches deep, on top of a sandstone ledge. It’s a Leptospermum Polygalifolium Cardwell, also called a Cardwell Tea Tree and is native to Australia (NSW and QLD).

Twitter Chat for technical writers

Twitter Chat for technical writers


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Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Hallo Sarah –

    Thank you so much for discussing the new chat! I sure hope that everyone will be able to attend the weekly sessions – as time and work schedules permit, of course. I’m very excited at the prospect of hearing what everyone has to say, and to have tech comm have a presence in the growing Twitter chat arena.

    Transcripts will always be available at our What the Hashtag page: That’s used by many chats, and is helpful in case you have to miss a chat, want to see what happened in the other session, or just want to check back.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Sarah! The first session was a blast. Looking forward to connecting soon for the second session!

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