Calling technical writers to join our doc sprint

We’re holding a doc sprint to develop some quick-start guides for Confluence wiki, JIRA bug tracker and other Atlassian applications. Would you like to join us? Write some real documentation on a wiki. Claim a limited-edition T-shirt and win your place in our Hall of Fame. Chocolate is inevitable.

We held our first doc sprint, similar to a book sprint, in February this year. It was a lot of fun. A number of stout-hearted community developers took part, as well as the Atlassians brave and true. For that sprint, we concentrated on developer documentation. I blogged about the results and the planning.

Calling all technical writers to join our doc sprint

Nothing to do with doc sprints. I just liked this tree. Spotted in Manly Dam park.

This time our focus is on quick-start guides for users and administrators. All technical writers are invited and we’d love it if you can join us. You could even try pairing. It’s not too violent on a wiki. 😉

Where and when

Date: Thursday 4th November to Friday 5th November (two days).
Sydney, San Francisco or online: Join us at the Atlassian offices in Sydney or San Francisco, or work remotely and chat with us online via chat, Google Groups and the wiki.
The Doc Sprint wiki has the event details.  It’s also where we’ll be writing the quick start guides during the sprint.

Check out the Hall of Fame to see who was there last time. If you find some blank pages on the wiki, don’t worry. We’ll fill them as time goes by. Or you could sign up for a wiki username and update the pages yourself. Get an early start on the sprint. 🙂

If you’re interested in joining the doc sprint, just add your name to the list of attendees. Even if you’re not sure, you could add a comment on the wiki page to let us know you’re thinking about it.

Chocolate, T-shirt, fame and fun

This will be the bestest doc sprint ever!

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Wow – that tree really does look like an Ent (

    Am really looking forward to the Doc Sprint!


  2. Great picture of sprite sprinting! How apt.

  3. Hello Sarah!
    I’ve signed up for the doc sprint!
    I’ll join the sprint with a great pleasure! 🙂

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