Looking forward to AODC 2010 technical writing conference

Honk if you’re coming to AODC 2010. I’ll be there too. Who could resist, when the session titles promise such delights as “Creating Auto-Magic TOCs with XSLT”, “WinANT Echidna” and “the DITA Wolf”? And of course “spectacular jumping crocs”… oh wait, that’s afterwards. 😉

This will be the 13th Australasian Online Documentation and Content Conference. I’ve been to the last two. They were awesome and I’m so pleased I can go again this year. I found the quality of the sessions to be excellent: focused, on topic and full of information.

I’ve also met some really great people at the last two conferences. It’s a smallish group, compared to other bigger conferences. That’s part of what makes AODC special.

Here are a few articles and posts about the session content in past years:

This year the conference is in Darwin. I haven’t been up that way before. I’m planning to take a tour of Litchfield national park and I’ve even booked myself onto a “spectacular jumping croc cruise”! People say Kakadu is awesome too. It’s a bit much to fit into just the few days I have off this time. Maybe next year’s AODC will be in Darwin again.

Who’s coming?


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  1. I’m coming, Sarah, which is just as well, because I’m one of the organisers! If you haven’t been to Darwin before, you’re in for a treat. And if you haven’t been to an AODC before, you’re in a for a double treat!

    • Hallo Tony,
      Ah yes, it’s a good thing you’re coming. A Self-less AODC would be a soulless AODC indeed. 😉
      Looking forward to seeing you! Sarah

  2. I’ll be there — looking forward to seeing you again Sarah.


    • Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you too, Matthew, and to learning more from your presentations. They’re always excellent.

  3. De-lurking to say I’ll be there!

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