Students requesting participants in survey of authoring tools

A student has posted a comment on my blog, asking for any technical writers who are willing to fill out a survey on authoring tools. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. I’ve filled it in and it seems harmless 😉 so I’m letting you know, in case you’d like to help them out too.

Here’s the link to the comment. The URL for the survey form is in the comment:

What’s the weird language at the end?

The survey itself is in English. At the very end of the survey, when you’ve submitted your form, you get a bit of Dutch that looks like this:

Hartelijk dank voor uw deelname!
Hebt u nog zin om nu een tweede enquête in te vullen?
Het tijdschrift Vitale Stad is namelijk op zoek naar de Beste Stad van Nederland.
En daarvoor hebben we uw hulp nodig:
Ga naar de enquête:
Wat is de beste stad van Nederland?

Don’t be alarmed! 🙂 The first line thanks you for taking part. The rest is an invitation to complete another survey, about the best city in the Netherlands.

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  1. Oh my god, i don’t understand Dutch 😀

  2. What is the meaning of those Dutch words? I also can’t understand Dutch.

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