Who’s coming to AODC in Melbourne next week?

Are you coming to the 2009 Australasian Online Documentation and Content Conference (AODC) in Melbourne next week? I’ll be there. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting more technical writers.

I’m particularly looking forward to the interesting variety of sessions. For example, Tony Self will answer the doc-stopper question “What if readers can’t read?” Like it technical? Matthew Ellison will talk about a “Pattern language for information architecture“. Dave Gash will finish off by abusing our users who have the “attention span of a carrot“. Here’s the full list of speakers.

Who's coming to AODC in Melbourne next week?

This year I’ll be presenting a session myself, on using a wiki for technical documentation. This is something I’m passionate about. To a fault 😉 It’s been two years since I first started writing on a wiki and I’m still hooked. As with all tools, there are difficulties. At Atlasian, where I work, we’ve developed procedures and found the wiki features that help us technical writers most. Those are what I want to tell you about at AODC.

I attended the AODC conference last year for the first time. It’s a very enjoyable and interesting conference. Great people, great planning, great speakers. For a sample of last year’s sessions, click the “AODC” tag in my topic cloud on the left.

Of course, the most not-to-be-missed event of all is the (in)famous Trivia Night. See you there.

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