Sugar on my Vista laptop

Today I installed QEMU emulator and managed to get the OLPC XO’s Sugar user interface running on my Windows Vista laptop.

Sugar is based on Fedora with a custom GUI shell. Here’s Sugar over Vista:

Sugar on my Vista laptop

Sugar offering to search for more “activities” i.e. XO applications:

Sugar on my Vista laptop

It’s been an interesting experience 🙂 There were a couple of hiccups. As soon as I’m sure of my facts, I’ll make my first update to the wiki. So far, my only real problem is that I can’t install the QEMU accelerator module (Kqemu). Windows Vista says the .inf file “does not support this method of installation” 😦 But no worries,  I can do without the extra speed for now.

Next: Get to grips with Sugar in its emulated state.

Update: I found a Kqemu accelerator for Windows here:
See “Accelerators” near bottom of page — link
I installed it in folder “C:\Program Files\Qemu\Kqemu”. This seems to work — I don’t get the error message in the cmd window now.

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