Do you have a gnome in your wiki?

Just the other day we had a major spill in the kitchen. Deli Tuscan mix all over the floor. Olives, artichoke hearts, soggy ‘dried’ tomatoes, peppers, semi-colons and split infinitives in a gloom of extra-virgin oil.

The air went a bit blue too, and some frenzied activity happened. Not a friendly gnome in sight, so it was we humans who mopped up and hooked the olives and tautologies out from their refuge under the fridge.

After the cleanup, that patch of floor is now strikingly and somewhat reproachfully cleaner than the rest of the kitchen.

A wiki is a bit like a kitchen floor. Some areas glow with style, correctness and up-to-dateness while others languish beneath the cobwebs. Luckily, the oft-polished bits are usually the most-trod too — on a wiki as well as on a kitchen floor. On a technical documentation wiki, those areas are usually the ones affected by the latest product release.

Not that I’m comparing a software release to a kitchen spillage. Of course not 🙂 Though we could go there …

If you wandered in here looking for sensible help with your wiki, try my other posts or wikipatterns. You might ask a gnome to clean up the darker nooks and crannies.

Do you have a gnome in your wiki?

This gnome is sometimes to be found swinging on a leather thong around my neck. His origin is lost in swirls of time and geography. Probably Cape Town, though perhaps somewhere more suitably Celtic. Possibly an aeon or two ago. If anyone knows the artist, I’d be delighted so say ‘Top o’ the morning to ya’.


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