Found the ‘Web Developer’ add-on for Firefox

Web Developer is an awesome Firefox add-on by Chris Pederick. Here’s what the toolbar looks like:

Web Developer Toolbar

With just two clicks, you can resize your window to 800×600. Or you can choose a custom size. This is a must for conscientious web content writers – after all, we may be working in warpsize screen resolutions, but we still need to cater for people on stone-age systems.

Other useful features in Web Developer:

  • Make the browser draw an outline around various page elements, like frames or headings.
  • View a document outline – a sort of hierarchical list of headings and things, much like you can do with Microsoft Word.
  • Look at the stylesheets.
  • Show image information right on the page.
  • And so on – there’s something for everyone.

Thanks Chris – great stuff.

Back to my little trees

(See my previous blog post.) Hey, the trees are the same age as this blog! My blog is two weeks old today. That’s gotta mean something. Every so often, I’ll compare the blog’s progress with the trees.

We’ve just been out and planted the trees. It’s pouring torrents here in Sydney, so we got drenched. Here are some photos of the baby trees before planting:

Prickly Paperbark Prickly Paperbark – the baby tree with a peg to show relative size.
Prickly Paperbark Prickly Paperbark – close-up of the trunk. It’s pretty even now. When the tree grows, the bark will be silver and very flaky.
Prickly Paperbark Saw Banksia, a keystone source of nectar for birds and animals here in Sydney.

About Sarah Maddox

Technical writer, author and blogger in Sydney

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  1. Nice trees Sarah. Nobody I know calls them “Saw Banksias” though. They’re the most recognisable Banksia in Sydney due to their gnarly trunks, so they’re usually just “Banksias”. You’ll sound way more Aussie if you call them an “Old Man Banksia” though.

    I suspect the birds will love the Paperbark as well as the Banksia. The spikiness is meant to provide great habitat.

    I look forward to following their progress.

  2. Nice Firefox addon – I didn’t have that one, but now I do! Thanks for the share Sarah (and Chris)

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