A way into a wiki, plus two trees

This week I finished writing a new administrator’s guide for Atlassian’s Confluence Hosted.

Check it out. It’s a cool green colour, with lots of pretty pictures and helpful words. In fact, it should have the words ‘Don’t Panic’ printed on the front cover. I’m quite proud of it.

When you’ve finished admiring the doco, you’ll probably start wondering what a ‘Confluence Hosted‘ is, and why you might want one. Well, it’s an easy way into a wiki. Instead of downloading and installing the wiki software, you can use the one on Atlassian‘s servers.

Continuing with the green theme: I’ve just bought two new trees: a prickly paperbark and a saw banksia. They’re both native Ozzie trees. Both very small right now – evidently the technical term is a ‘tube’, but basically they’re baby trees. The banksia will attract birds, like the colourful lorikeets that zoom around here. The paperbark will strew its bark all over the garden.

Going planting ♥

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  1. Hi there,

    Hey im interested on your POV as confluence as a blooging tool?

  2. Hi David

    I use Confluence extensively for blogging at work. At Atlassian, our extranet is an instance of Confluence. It’s good to have the wiki and the blogging functionality combined in one system. The company uses it as our principle means of sharing information, via feeds which send us all blog posts plus comments on blog posts and comments on wiki pages. We’ve recently published some stats on the extranet usage (blogs as well as pages) here:

    So for internal blogging as part of the company’s knowledge sharing, I think Confluence is a great tool. I have heard opinions expressed that it is not quite so well suited to blogging outside the firewall. Being principally a wiki, it may not handle huge volumes of blog posts as well as a blogging-dedicated tool. But I don’t know any details here.


  3. Thanks Sarah,

    We have two ventures on the go here in Sydney that will require a confluence wiki and an external blog. We really want to support our local crew as much as possible and we are wrapped with the confluence site.

    On the blog side of things i’m looking into word press right as i write this.



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